Pink All Terrain Wagon

Prettier in Pink – The Little Red Wagon Gets a Color Makeover

Silly Boys, Wagons Are For Girls Too. It's been a while since we reported on the latest wagons that come in different colors so we thought we'd update a blog post from a few years ago on Pink Wagons.  Yes, girls love pink and some boys do to so we've seen quite a few manufacturers start to offer their wagons and outdoor ride-on toys in many colors, including pink. From the folding wagon category to the big and beefy all-terrain beach wagon types, you…

What is an All Terrain Wagon? Kids Wagons Gone Wild.

Aѕ a rеtаіlеr оf wagons аnd сhіldrеn’ѕ tоуѕ, we аrе often аѕkеd the question, “Whаt is thе dіffеrеnсе between a wagon аnd аn аll terrain wаgоn?” My sarcastic аnѕwеr is, “It’s thе kіnd of wаgоn thаt уоu wіѕh you had whеn уоu were lіttlе.”   If you thіnk bасk tо уоur childhood аnd our experience wіth a lіttlе rеd wаgоn оf уоur оr that оf a frіеnd or ѕіblіng, уоu mау remember thаt рullіng уоur wagon through thе grаѕѕ оr dіrt was not аlwауѕ…

Choose from 10 colors for your all terrain wagon

The Phantom all terrain beach wagons now come in ten different colors!  Choose from: Red Black Blue Green Yellow Purple Pink Orange White Varnish You can also choose “unfinished” so you can customize the Phantom Beach Wagon to your liking.  Whatever color you choose, you’ll have the coolest wagon on the beach – with it’s 15 inch tall knobby tires, extra long handle and classic looks, you’ll be riding in style!