Beach Wagon or Beach Cart – which one do you need?

Wondering about the differences between beach wagons and beach carts?  It boils down to what you’re hauling; kids or cargo.

If the day at the beach consists of chairs, shade canopies, coolers, and card tables then you might want to look at something like this beach cart from Wheeleez.  A bit pricey but I like these custom wheels that will carry your gear over the sand with ease.  If you don’t want professional grade then this cart from Beachmall might fit the bill at half the cost.

It has all-terrain air tires that roll over the sand better than solid rubber and plastic wheels.  If bringing kids along, be sure to add shade options so they can take a break (nap) and extend your outing.  Good choices include the #29 Cargo Wagon and the#32 from Radio Flyer.  No big enough?  Then go big with this Amish Wagon – and it has 500 pounds of carrying capacity.

Keep in mind that these will help haul your cargo over the sand but it won’t be like pulling it on pavement.  The big air tires and flat plastic wheels do their best to make it easier but depending on the weight and wetness/dryness of the sand, you’ll still need to dig in a bit – but these carts and wagons are well worth the investment.

Happy sand trails!