The best tricycle for Toddlers Buying guide

An essential accessory for a first approach to cycling, but also for long family walks, the tricycle has become essential in many families. Very practical, it offers stability in any event and can be used on many terrains without danger. Close relative of the bicycle, but intended for very young children, it allows them to initiate cycling and offers them a semblance of autonomy, but can also very often be simply pushed by the parents and thus act as an all-terrain stroller which will be as much appreciated by children as by adults during walks.

What is a tricycles?

From the same family as the bicycle, the tricycle is suitable for young children as a preliminary step to the classic bicycle. Indeed, it consists of a body, a saddle, a handlebar, a wheel at the front, and two wheels at the back to promote its stability, the child can learn to pedal in completely safe. Most of the time the tricycle is also equipped with a handle at the back allowing parents to push and guide the tricycle at the same time, transforming it into a stroller if necessary during the ride if the child is tired. Made of particularly resistant materials, the tricycle is made to last for many years, it is often very adaptable to adapt to the child as it evolves. you can also check here best scooters for kids and adults.

How to choose?

Manufacturers currently offer a huge range of choices regarding the tricycle so it can sometimes be difficult to choose the most suitable model. Indeed, what are the points to which to pay attention? What criteria should be favored? What are the essential elements of a good upgradeable tricycle?

Child’s age

First of all, it is necessary to take an interest in the age group to which it will be offered. Indeed, if your child is already three years old, it is preferable to choose a tricycle which will be adapted until the age of 6 years so that its use lasts as long as possible.


Another key element that must be monitored is security. If this is largely ensured by the very stability of the tricycle, the fact remains that it is desirable to choose a tricycle with a harness to obtain an additional guarantee that is always welcome when it comes to children.

The different settings offered

In the same vein, it is important to take a closer look at the tricycle’s settings and parameters. If it is scalable, it must offer the possibility of removing or adding the wheels especially if it is designed for very young children and to last as long as possible it must also allow to adjust the height in order to s ” adapt to the size of the child as he grows.

The price

To finish, the price is obviously an important factor in the choice of a tricycle, it is necessarily influenced by the quality of the materials, but also by its brand, it is therefore important to compare all the products offered, but also the opinions of consumers before making their choice in order to find the ideal tricycle at the best value for money possible.

Wheels available

In addition, there are two types of tricycles concerning pedaling: the wheels can be as central as on an ordinary bicycle, but they can also be at the level of the front wheel. The two systems have different advantages. The first allows an orientation of the body identical to that of a conventional bicycle and therefore to accustom themselves to the use of a crankset, they thus better prepare the child for the use of an ordinary bicycle thereafter. The pedals installed around the front wheel are easier to use and work on a leg training principle, if this system is less efficient in preparing the child for the use of the ordinary bicycle, it is nevertheless very interesting during long family walks because it requires much less effort,

Manufacturing materials

Manufacturing materials are also a point not to be overlooked when buying a tricycle, manufacturers generally use plastic and metal, but it is especially essential to ensure the quality of these materials. Indeed, the evolving tricycle is intended to accompany the child for several years, it is therefore imperative that its components are solid and resistant. In general, it can be said that metal is frequently more resistant than plastic, but it is also heavier.

The weight

Moreover, this is another determining point in choosing the ideal tricycle: its weight. This will necessarily influence its handling by the child, but also by the adult when it has to push it. In addition, the tricycle will be frequently moved by parents to be put in the trunk of the car for a ride, vacation, etc. It is therefore preferable for everyone to choose a rather light model that can be transported easily.

Its design

Finally, the tricycle must be attractive to the child in order to encourage him to use it, it is therefore essential that it is a minimum aesthetic in the eyes of the child, so it must be colorful and provided with a certain design under penalty of being quickly stored for lack of use.