Why Are the Folding Kids Wagons So Unique?

Ok, so the WagonMan can admit when he’s wrong, and when it comes to the folding kids wagons category, I didn’t think these were going to fly.  unattractive folding playpen-like apparatus with cheap wheels on it and a face only a mother could love.

But I’m starting to see more and more of these albatrosses everywhere, and why does this surprise me?  They’re easy to fold, carry, and transport.  Some wagons have shade, and from seeing many sleeping babies in them, they must be pretty comfortable (I haven’t crawled in one yet).  The price is right.  The turning is decent and the skinny wagon wheels can go off-road a bit onto the grass or gravel (go with this one for tackling beach sand).

So why, folding wagon manufacturers, can’t you make these things a bit more attractive? Bucking the trend of ugliness, I did find this heavy-duty folding kids wagons.  And  Radio Flyer finally came out with their version of the folding wagon and I dare say it’s almost passable. Points given for the 4 drink holders and seat backs but overall as a wagon category, I’m not too impressed yet.

I get it; our cars are getting smaller, we’re getting older and don’t want to break our back lifting a beach wagon into the Fiat, money is tight, and I guess our wagon isn’t the status symbol I think it should be – but the manufacturers have a long way to go still in the folding wagon category.  I’ll continue throwing out my back with my beach wagon for a little while longer…Is there a chiropractor in the house?