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Kids love to play outside, but sometimes it can be difficult for parents to keep them entertained. One great creative way is by getting a wagon for them. Wagons made with thick plastic are lightweight, easy to clean, can be folded, and are usually sturdy enough to handle whatever road surface is ahead.

To choose the best plastic wagon for your child, you need to consider what they will be using it for, along with your additional transport needs, should you also use it for outings. If they are going to use this for hauling heavy items, the size needs to reflect the weight of what they plan on putting in it.

The average child can pull up to thirty pounds, so if they aren’t planning on using it for anything other than their belongings, a smaller wagon will probably work just fine. However, if you want them to play with this as a toy and don’t mind unloading their stuff each time they want to play with it, then a larger one will do just fine.

If your kids plan on playing with it all over the neighborhood and city streets, then getting hard rubber tires would be best. They will give the best traction and last the longest.


Top 10 Plastic Wagons for Kids

  1. Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

    This amazing little wagon is so versatile that you can convert it to a bench or use it to cart around supplies needed for any yard project by simply removing the sides. Thanks to its seat belts and drink holders, you will have no worries about the safety and storage of your essentials. The little wagon also comes with an umbrella to shield your kids from the sun and keep passengers cool. Most wagons come with noisy wheels but not this wagon as its wheels allow for a quiet ride. It can sit a maximum of 2 kids and support up to 250 lbs of weight. Buy it here

  2. Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon

    Offering seating options for two kids, the Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. It also features seat belts for added safety and four cup holders. You can haul just about anything you want with this wagon, including coolers, chairs, diaper bags, sports equipment, and more. There’s also the UV protection canopy to protect your little ones from the sun, while the rugged all-terrain rubber tires provide a smooth ride on any terrain. Buy it here

  1. Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon

    This Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon comes with quiet ride wheels that move quietly across the pavement, allowing for noiseless, endless fun. Perfect for everyday trips around the neighborhood, this wagon combines durability, comfort, and safety, featuring 4 cup holders for easy access to drinks and snacks, seat belts, and versatile seatbacks that fold up or down to create two wagons in one. With a weight limit of 200 lbs, you should have no trouble hauling your stuff around. Click here to buy

  1. Step2 Wagon for Two

    When you’re looking for the perfect wagon for your toddlers and preschoolers to ride in, the Step 2 Wagon for Two is a classic option to consider. The easy-latch door opens to two contoured seats, including seat belts, six cups, snack holders, and storage underneath for kids to store their stuffed animals and toys. A major downside is that the wheels are not made of rubber, so they are noisy on the cement. Plus, there is no canopy to protect against sunlight, neither are there any brackets to add a canopy. This wagon can support a maximum weight of 75 pounds. Buy it here

  1. Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon

    Unlike the previous wagon above, this wheeler comes with a canopy to provide shade for your little ones. It is designed with convenience and durability in mind, which is why the plastic is made of tough resin to ensure that it lasts for years while the seat flips up and down to create a flatbed with a storage compartment when you need more storage than the snack holder and seat offers. It is suitable for two children and has a weight limit of 75 lbs. Click here to buy

  1. Step 2 Canopy Wagon

    Made of a thick plastic frame with chunky wheels, the Step2 Canopy Wagon will delight your kids and withstand whatever outdoor excursions you’ve got planned for them. It doesn’t just boast an easy-to-clean, water-resistant exterior and a canopy for UV protection (as its name indicates); it also features two contoured seats with seat belts and a deep leg well with molded-in drain holes. As for the built-in storage compartment, you will find it under the hinged rear seat. The maximum weight capacity of this sturdy wagon is 75 lbs. Buy it here

  1. Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon

    This wagon’s long list of features includes five seating storage options (seating for two flatbeds, covered storage & ride, activity surface, storage, and ride) with a removable cooler bag and UV blocking canopy. The wagon also includes seat belts for added safety, four child cup holders, and rubber wheels for quiet rides. It is wide enough to accommodate two passengers and sturdy and spacious enough to meet any hauling need. This is a one really big wagon, so you want to make sure that it can fit into your car. Its weight capacity is 200 lbs. Click here to buy

  1. Step 2 Neighborhood Wagon

    A reasonably-priced option that’s best for preschoolers and toddlers, this Step2 Neighborhood Wagon has plenty of room for your kid and their friend (or a second child), so they can enjoy long rides together around the neighborhood or zoo. Its major offerings include two contoured seats and seat belts, two molded-in cup holders, and snack compartments with smooth-rolling tires to guarantee a quiet and relaxing Ride. There’s no door, but it’s easy to get in and out with a little help. Buy it here

  1. Step 2 Whisper Ride Touring Wagon

    This 3-in-1 wagon from Step2 is a versatile product that you can use to transport your kids easily and haul dirt, mulch, or any garden essentials you want to move around. Like most wagons on the list, there are molded-in high seatbacks for two passengers with two seat belts included. What’s more, you can detach the canopy and side railings using the snack trays to create a flatbed. In addition, the whisper wheels help ensure reduced road noise. The weight limit is 100 lbs. Click here to buy

  2. Radio Flyover (My first 2-in-1 Wagon)

    With this 2-in-1 wagon, you have the freedom to either lock the handle for a walker wagon to provide support for beginner walkers or release it for a pull wagon that your kid can pull. Whatever your choice may be, this wagon offers generous space to accommodate two passengers and their belongings. Unfortunately, it can only support a maximum weight capacity of 35 lbs. Click here to buy


A Plastic Wagon In Every Driveway

Kids love wagons and are happy to take a ride in them. And while they’re cool for kids to sit in, they are quite an easy and effective way to keep your kids entertained as well. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago (pre internet days) that we had to find creative ways to entertain ourselves as kids. Wagons become pirate ships, race cars, freight trains and battle tanks in the eyes of a creative child.

So the next time you think about buying a wagon for traditional child transport, imagine it being a submarine to explore unknown seas in the eyes of your kids.

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