Best Plastic Wagon for around $100-Radio Flyer

So you’ve got the green light for big purchase.  The budget is set at $100 for the kid’s wagon and you know she wants a plastic wagon because it’s lightweight and she wants to be able to throw it in the minivan occasionally.

Best Bang For Your Wagon Buck
The Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon is tough to beat with it’s cool features and low price tag – yeah it’s a bit over a Ben Franklin but close enough. Now let’s dive under the hood and see what we like about this wagon:

  • Solid Rubber Tires – some cheap plastic wagons come with plastic wheels, creating loud rolling sounds when pulling, hard ride for the kids and eventually this is one of the first points of breakage.  Radio Flyer seems to understand this well and makes the rubber tires standard.

    Plastic Wagon

    Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon

  • Convertible – Seats up or seats down, you’ve got lots of storage capacity on this transporter.  Ideal for kids, this wagon can still hold its own doing a few chores around the house too.
  • Cupholders and Seatbelts – Mind you, the seatbelt is really to keep the kids strapped in but once they figure out the mechanism they’re off and running.  The cupholders are perfect for both boxed and round drinks.
  • Long Handle – great for tall Moms and Dads and the handle even folds under for easy transport and storage

Just about our only complaint on this is the lack of shade, but for the price you can’t get everything you want.  You can get this canopy or a few of these cool clip-on umbrellasdown the road.   And while the solid rubber tires are quite capable on the asphalt and cement, I wouldn’t recommend attempting a beach run with a heavily loaded payload over dry sand.  Park grass, bark and pebbles are passable but nothing more than that off road.

Expect a good 5-7 years out of this plastic wagon, more if you keep it indoors and away from the sun as much as possible – which is what will dry out the plastic quicker and make it brittle, reducing its lifespan.

So pack it up in the minivan and get out there and make some great memories while they’re still young enough to fit in your new wagon – Happy Trails!