Radio Flyer Folding Stroller Wagons

Parents know how outings with young ones can be a bit of a struggle while shopping, traveling or venturing outdoors. The new Radio Flyer stroller wagons are a great solution.

A folding stroller wagon helps you transport not only human cargo but also the accoutrements that come with them – and you decide whether to push or pull, depending on payload and conditions… and who’s driving.  If you are looking for the best stroller wagon, check out our reviews for the Radio Flyer Models here:

Radio Flyer Convertible Stroller Wagon, Red

Radio Flyer Red Stroller Wagon The radio flyer stroller wagon is a convertible stroller and a wagon at the same time. It weighs only 31.31 pounds, and it stores easily.


  • There are two handles to control it, the front handle prevents the wagon from falling. Whereas the back handle helps fold the stroller, so you just need to push and pull with these handles.
  • The wagon has high-quality wheels, including the caster wheels for steering, and the rear wheels of 12 inches diameter that helps in pushing. The designer used premium foam to make these wheels run quietly.
  • The stroller wagon is easy to store with a one-hand handle that makes it convenient for transport.
  • This Radio Flyer product went through a stringent ASTM-f963-13 test for stroller and toy safety.
  • It is highly safe for the kids because you can control it through back brakes with your feet. The canopy prevents the child from the Sun’s UV rays and from the occasional drizzle of rain.
  • These wagons are available in different colors, materials, sizes, storage capacity, safety measures, and prices.
  • The wagon can bear 120 to 150 pounds of weight including kids and luggage. It has a pouch for keeping canopy and two holders in the front.


  • Smooth and quiet wheels
  • Foldability
  • 5-point safety certification
  • Multipurpose use


Radio Flyer Odyssey Stroller Wagon, Baby Stroller Wagon with Canopy and Bag, Grey

Radio Flyer Stroller Wagon Gray Another Stroller Wagon by Radio Flyer can also carry the luggage and kids. It includes a canopy and a storage bag. The wagon is ideal for those who have to walk a long way with cargo and kids.


  • The handle is highly safe due to its lock on the pull handle that lies in the front. The push handle on its rear is easy to open and fold closed.
  • Easy to fold and store in the car or at home when not traveling. The one-hand folding process makes it highly convenient and portable.
  • Radio Flyer received approval for a safety test according to the ASTM-f963-13 toy standard.
  • You can protect your kid from sunlight and light rain with the canopy. Besides, Whereas the 5-point harnesses further ensures safety.
  • Both front and back wheels glide smoothly. The rubber tires include bearings and a Traction Tread for quiet function. The rear foot brake helps to keep the stroller in place when needed.
  • The capacity of this folding stroller wagon is from 120 to 150 pounds, including kids and stuff. The back pouch, and the front cup holders help keep different things. Whereas it also has 2 small cup holders for the kids.
  • Convenient and portable
  • Easy to store
  • Good load capacity
  • Safe for kids
  • Multipurpose wagon

Wagon Capacity

The stroller wagon should have enough capacity for the luggage and kids. The above products can carry 120 to 150 pounds of load.

Safety Measures

Whether you carry luggage or kids, the wagon should be safe for all. Brakes are essential to prevent a stroller from moving. Whereas certain wagons include canopies to protect the child from the sunlight.

Convenient and Portable

A folding stroller wagon is easy to store and carry wherever you go. These Radio Flyer models above are top picks for us due to their safety standards, foldable handle, capacity and affordability.

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