Wagon Road Test – Radio Flyer Metal All-Terrain

One of the best-selling wagons for Radio Flyer metal over the years, the #32 All Terrain Steel and Wood wagon has the best traits of an all-purpose wagon and few flaws.

What Rocks: Radio Flyer Metal

  • Metal Bed:  practically indestructible, you can throw the kitchen sink at without an issue.  Official weight capacity is 200 pounds so don’t be shy with chores around the homestead – just be sure to store in doors to keep the rain off and rust away.
  • Air Tires:  pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic help cushion the ride for your live cargo and provide stability and traction for heavy loads.
  • High Sides:  drop the kids inside and the side rails will keep them safe inside.  No falling out of this wagon unless you choose to eject.


Road Test: Radio Flyer Metal #32 Cargo Wagon

What Sucks:

  • Bolted on side-rails:  Yes, we love the high sides because it creates a safe haven for toddlers, but the drawback here is that they are not removable without tools.  Not a huge issue unless your transporting it in a small vehicle.
  • Not as large as the #29 All Terrain Cargo Wagon:  A bit smaller than its wooden cousin, the steel and wood wagon uses the same bed as the rest of the metal family.

Bottom Line:  If you’re not concerned about the bolt-on sides creating a packing issue in the minivan, than this is our top pick for all around off-road fun with the family and serious cargo hauling capabilities around the house.

Add-ons:  Be sure to grab some shade for the little tikes.

Happy Trails!

folding handle

Handle folds underneath bed

wagon handle

Controlled Turning Radius

Wagon Tires

Big air tires soften the ride

Wagon siderails

Bolted-on siderails provide protection but make it a challenge for storage