Let the good times roll with these next steps in outdoor fun. Roller blades will help your youngster learn how to balance and increase coordination while having fun at the same time. From beginner shoe skates to high quality performance wheels, you’ll find something for everyone – including yourself. Time to make some memories with the kids… just be sure to get a helmet and elbow pads too!

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Best Roller Blades for Kids – Buying Guidelines

Whether it is for a walk with the children, for a teenager who wants to practice in a skate park or for a confirmed rider; It will be necessary to adapt your choice of pair of roller skates, because each one is intended for a very specific use.

We will present here the different knowledge points to have in order to choose the right pair of skates. It is necessary to have some good reflexes when buying your pair of skates so as not to be surprised the first time you try it.

Rollerblades for Children

In this case it is better to go on a pair of adjustable skates so that you can make your shoe grow as your child grows. Try to choose an adjustable size that is in the middle of the proposed size range, in the manufacturer’s data; in this way you will be sure that your roller skates will not be too large and that you will have room to make them last for several years.

In addition there are tri-skate models which are modular and which allow you to transform your pair of skates into a three-wheel skate. This system is very practical for a child who has never practiced, because it allows him to find his balance and get used to the practice and then switch to classic line rollerblades without changing pairs

Rollerblades for Teenagers

For teenagers in the same way as for children, many brands of roller skates offer models that can be adjusted to the size, in order to adapt to the vigorous growth of young people. Very often the sizes go from 30 to 41. Above in general, the rollers are no longer adjustable because the growth spurt of adolescents often stops around this size. Whatever happens if you choose adjustable skates, orient yourself on the size fork that best includes the size you want; in this way you leave yourself room and the pair of skates will not be too large.

Roller for Adult

For adults, roller skates are no longer adjustable, as they have normally finished growing. In addition, the street roller skates which are used to do tricks in the street or in skate park must have a great hold on the foot, this is why the high range roller skates for adults cannot be adjustable. This is why you will have to choose your pair of skates according to your size to be perfectly comfortable in it.

How to Determine Your Roller Size

In order to determine your size accurately, it is better to take the time to do the right things rather than do it quickly and have to turn your pair of skates over several times before finding the size that suits you.

For this you will need:

  • A pencil
  • Paper
  • Measuring tape

To start put your foot on the sheet of paper on the floor. Then use the pencil to make a line on the back and the front of your feet to determine the length by measuring with the measuring tape. You can round this length to the next millimeter.

Then just take the measurement of your feet and add 1 cm. You must then divide the value thus obtained by 0.66 or 2/3.

How to Adjust the Size of Your Rollers

In order to adapt the size of your roller skates, if they are adjustable, first determine the size of your child. Then there is usually a benchmark that allows you to determine what size you are adjusted to. So adjust the size according to the size determined, thanks to the button provided for this purpose. The rollerblades must be adjusted without being fitted, if once the size does not match, remove them and readjust accordingly.

Now you have all the keys in hand to choose your pair of skates knowingly, so that it fully meets your expectations. You can now browse our selection to choose the best roller blades for kids that best suit your needs and your budget.