Here we listed best skateboards for kids. Let the good times roll with these next steps in outdoor fun. These toys will help your youngster learn how to balance and increase coordination while having fun. From beginner shoe skates to longboard skateboard, you’ll find something for everyone – including yourself. Time to make some memories with the kids…just be sure to get a helmet and pads too!

Best Skateboards for Kids Buying Guide

Choosing best skateboards for kids is not difficult. When you start skating and you don’t know much about it, choosing your first skateboard can seem complicated. Indeed, many brands are present on the skateboard market and offer a multitude of accessories to equip your board. So if you are looking for a beginner skateboard , it may be that you are a little lost but do not worry because we will try to answer all your questions through this article best skateboards for kids which will allow you, at the end of its reading, to choose your skateboard well even if you are a beginner.

Tips for choosing the right skateboard

In order to have a skateboard (also called a board or deck) that suits you perfectly, you need to pay attention to several criteria. An important point that will allow you to be more or less comfortable with your skateboard. Different sizes exist but it will be up to you to find your ideal size that best suits your requirements.

How is a skateboard made?

Before telling you a little more about how to choose your skateboard, we suggest that you explain how a skateboard is built.

You should know that generally a board is made from Canadian wood and more specifically maple wood which is known to have the advantage of being both very resistant but still flexible enough. Ideally, the board should not have any knots, otherwise it will distort its behavior or reduce its impact resistance .

There are also skateboard boards made from different materials such as, for example carbon fiber . You can find some models for sale on amazon.

How to choose your skateboard wheels?

Skateboard wheel size

Generally the size of the skateboard wheels is between 49mm and 56mm. Depending on what you want to do, the size of the wheels may matter. So for street, choose 52 or 53mm skateboard wheels and if you want to park, take 54mm wheels.

Hardness of skateboard wheels

The hardness of skateboard wheels also has a role to play. Represented by an index composed of a number and a letter (either A or B) it defines whether the wheel will be soft or hard. Note that the higher the number, the harder your wheel will be. So for the practice of street, choose rather hard skateboard wheel models.

How to choose a board for girls

Choosing a girl skateboard is not a trivial matter. In order to find the ideal girl skateboard, always take the following criteria into account when purchasing:


It is better to take a board that is neither too large nor too thin. A board that is too wide is also heavy, which prevents it from effectively taking turns. Too thin, it will not support your weight for long, nor intense use. So opt for a board according to your weight. Boards 7 to 8 cm wide are good for people of medium build. A skateboard for girls is also a question of diet.


Your choice will also depend on the material of which your board will be made. A plastic board is more suitable for young children. The wooden and aluminum boards allow more movement. But the best are those made of plastic alloys. They are more flexible, which allows great volatility; and have a longer lifespan.


For a woman, appearance matters. If you don’t see the importance of it, still opt for a board with neutral colors. Otherwise, there are multiple designs.