The mother of all terrain wagons is here – the Beach Wagon with big wheels. These wagons give you off-road capabilities along with first class options like; shade canopies, ice chest racks, cushions, back pads and drink holders. With their super wide dirt tires, they’re able to get heavy loads over the dry sand more easily than other wagons.



  • All terrain wheels deliver capable and comfortable ride off-road
  • Heavy duty craftsmanship and large capacity
  • Longevity – expect these wagons to last two generations if stored properly


  • Weight and Size – very heavy wagons typically so think twice about how you will transport (and who will load)
  • Cost – Premium quality comes with a price

What to look for in a Beach Wagon

Look for the widest tires possible and powder-coated metal or aluminum. The salt air will destroy these wagons if you leave it out all season so store or cover them (and varnish wood/WD-40 metal parts periodically).

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious about camping, the outdoors or the beach, and you have room in the car – go big. Aside from it’s huge size and weight, we love these monster-sized beach wagons. If you can’t deal with the size, we also have some other folding beach carts with wide tires.