Beach wagons are know for their heavy duty capabilities and big knobby tires that can tackle the sand. These wagons give you off-road capabilities along with classy options like; shade canopies, ice chest racks, cushions, back pads, extra storage and drink holders. With their super huge dirt tires, these rolling beach buggies are able to haul heavy loads across the beach more easily than other wagons.



  • All terrain wheels deliver capable and comfortable ride off-road
  • Heavy duty craftsmanship and large carrying capacity
  • Lots of accessories and options available
  • Longevity – will last generations if stored properly


  • Weight – heavy wagons typically so consider how you will transport (and who will load)
  • Cost – Premium quality comes with a price
  • Size – Bulky size means you’ll need to think about transportation vehicle
Our Favs: All Terrain Beach Wagons

Top Beau Jardin Beach Wagons

Top MacSports Beach Wagons

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious about camping, the outdoors or the beach, and you have room in the car – go big. Aside from it’s huge size and weight, we love these monster-sized beach wagons. If you can’t deal with the size, we also have some other folding beach carts with wide tires.

Berlin Flyer All Terrain Beach WagonPink All Terrain WagonBeau Jardin Canopy Wagon Red

Buying Guide: Beach Wagons with big sand wheels


What to look for in a Beach Wagon

Look for the widest tires possible and powder-coated metal or aluminum. The salt air will destroy these wagons if you leave them out all season so cover and store them out of the elements (and varnish wood/WD-40 metal parts periodically). Models include 4-wheel wagons as well as 2-wheel rolling beach carts, depending on your needs. [Learn more about the best beach wagons for soft sand in our recent blog]


It doesn’t cost a fortune to own an all-terrain wagon that tackles the sand with ease. All the products selected here by our team are among the most affordable units that find a balance between materials and price.


Your beach cart should last you a long time if effort is taken to store and care for it properly . Hosing off and drying the wagons after a trip to the beach will go a long way – the salt air permeates through the fabrics, wood and metal and you’ll eventually see rust and wear if you don’t take care of it. A light spray of WD-40 (or other light lubricant spray) will help metal parts keep the rust away.


The main purpose of a beach wagon is to transport equipment, people and food over rough terrain.  Some of these carts will fold and collapse while the heavier duty wood beach wagons will not. Depending on your needs and vehicle types you’ll need to weigh the advantages of a lighter folding model, versus a heavier-duty and heavy wagon.


The competition in the beach cart market has led manufacturers to create additional features to make your day at the beach more fun and tolerable. Examples include wagons with side tables, shade umbrellas , coolers, cup holders, portable utility trays, cushions and tons of other fun add-on wagon accessories.