Folding Wagons are lightweight and light-duty haulers that make it easy on those with small vehicles to still bring the wagon along. Functional and economical, these metal and cloth expandable wagons are becoming quite popular.


  • Lightweight and compact makes it fit in small vehicles
  • Capacity – huge payload area
  • Options – some have full shade, external storage and cup holders


  • It’s ugly, but “it’s got a nice personality.”
  • Weight capacity

Best Folding Wagons and Carts

Children, equipment, garden or classic waste, beer crates during the Father’s Day parade. Uses find such a cart in many areas of daily life. Since there are different uses, there are different models and models. Metal or wood? Which material is best suited? Then there is the question of tires which also depends on the most used basement, whether a roof belongs to it or not, what weight the car can be or maybe, what size should it have and how it all in the car?

Must adapt which in turn depends on handling the folding. There is therefore much to be clarified, much to be careful and therefore much to be decided.

Which folding wagons is suitable for which use?

As not all wagons are suitable for each transport item, here is an overview of what to look for:


Those who like to travel longer or even go to the beach often have the problem of not being able to walk when the children are too small. From a certain size, a scarf becomes too heavy and where to go with what you always want or need to take. Strollers on the sand on the beach are an obstacle. Solution: a wagon. From around 18, safe transport in a wagon is possible.

At the same time, it can serve as a means of transportation and a place for lunch breaks. It can be softly padded and does not risk tipping over. Make sure the side walls are clear enough to prevent your child from falling. The folding children’s cart must be made of a flexible material, which not only saves weight, but also prevents, especially in small wounds. A stable axle, parking brake and large tires filled with air ensure good stability even in sand or snow.

Most models can support a weight between 50 – 100 kilos. sunroofs or even lights and exterior pockets. On average, foldable companions weigh about 10 kilograms. Here, however, pay attention to the permissible load that the car undergoes. Most models can support a weight between 50 – 100 kilos. Sunroofs or even lights and exterior pockets. Here, however, pay attention to the permissible load that the car undergoes. Most models can support a weight between 50 – 100 kilos.

Equipment trolleys

An additional equipment cart that also folds. Not so small, but the side walls are removable, as is a garden or a tool cart to save space and also transport. These models are made of sturdy metal and a tarpaulin. About 500 kilos, you can shoot with such a device. Its own weight is low with around 20 – 25 pounds. Which makes it even more effective? The solid rubber tires allow safe transport even on construction sites. In the garden too, such a cart is a good helper.

Shopping carts

If you travel a lot on foot and want a classic wheelchair that is too small, you also need a wheelchair assistant. Most folding wagons are best suited as they are very light and can be stored in a flash to save space. Here may be the cheaper models, because shopping can’t hurry or try to get out of the wagon. But you must pay attention to the stability and the total authorized weight. So you can take it well on hikes. The tires make the biggest difference here.

All those who walk a lot in the forest are better off than the “city Indians”, who only have to travel short distances on asphalt. It may also be a classic of wooden carts. In addition, some models are at least buildable upstream. For much more stable and have a payload of about 150 pounds.


Whether you want to call a good foldable cart, with or without a roof, you depend on the quality of the manufacturer. This sometimes comes at a price, but should not be saved if the wizard should be used more often. The different possibilities, materials and weight classes meet all needs.

The Bottom Line: We still can’t get over it’s looks but in all fairness, it’s a great design idea. Not ideal for multiple kids or heavy loads but the foldable wagon is a perfect application for the swap meats, state fairs, city-dwelling or local park – keep it on solid ground…unless you opt for the beach with big tires. Don’t forget your clip-on shade umbrella if your model doesn’t come with one.

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