Folding Wagons are lightweight collapsible carts that make it easy on those with small vehicles to still bring the wagon along. Functional and economical, these metal and cloth expandable wagons are becoming very popular. Newer models have wider wheels for off-road adventure, shade canopies, drink holders and more.


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Collapsible Wagons Review


  • Lightweight and compact allows it to fit in small vehicles
  • Capacity – huge payload area
  • Options – look for full shade canopies, external storage and cup holders


  • Weight capacity


The Bottom Line: The folding wagon is a great design idea. Most models can support a weight between 50 – 100 kilos (110 – 225 lbs), and offer sun shade canopies, drink holders and exterior pockets are popular options. The collapsible wagons are not ideal for multiple kids or heavy loads, but a cheap folding wagon is a perfect companion for the swap meats, state fairs, or your local park. Keep it on solid ground unless you opt for the beach wagons with big tires.

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