New on the wagon scene in recent years are these lightweight and light-duty hauliers (folding wagons). They make it easy on those with small vehicles to still bring the wagon along. If you can get past the albatross looks of this baby, continue reading.


  • Lightweight and foldable makes it easy to pop in the minivan
  • Capacity – huge payload area
  • Options – some have full shade, external storage and cup holders


  • It’s ugly, but “it’s got a nice personality.”
  • Weight capacity

What to look for

Look at the tires and make sure you have solid rubber. The wider, the better. There’s no real market leader in this segment yet, so until Radio Flyer joins in, check the user ratings.

The Bottom Line

We still can’t get over it’s looks but in all fairness, it’s a great design idea. Not ideal for multiple kids or heavy loads but this wagon is a perfect application for the swap meter, fair-goer, city-dweller or local park enthusiast – keep it on solid ground…unless you opt for the beach version below.