No kids, no frills, just a portable utility wagons that can haul big and loads easily. Perfect wagon for garden nurseries, homesteads, farms and business applications, these are the pick-up trucks of the wagon world.


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Buying Guide: Portable Utility Wagons


  • They can take a beating
  • Quality built utilitarian workhorse
  • Size – typically larger than other wagons


  • Weight – usually very heavy so not easy to transport
  • Not a comfortable ride for kids

What to look for

Powder coated paint job, double bearing wheels and heavy duty rims. Some models also come with no-flat tires and the ability to work like a dump truck and unload contents with ease. Also look for side gates that are removable and extra long handles. Some carts are made to work as trailers behind small lawn mowers and tractors.

The Bottom Line

The pickup truck of the wagon world, a utility wagon is a trusted companion on any job site. Be sure to review the undercarriage, weight capacity, wheels and handle to make sure it’s built for the heavy duty chores around the house or worksite. Check out these All Terrain Beach Wagons for other heavy duty wagon ideas.