No kids, no frills, just a portable utility wagons that can haul big loads easily. Perfect wagon for garden nurseries, homesteads, farms and business applications.


  • They can take a beating
  • Quality built a utilitarian workhorse


  • Weight – usually very heavy so not easy to transport

What to look for

Powder coated paint job, double bearing wheels and heavy duty rims.

The Bottom Line

The pickup truck of the wagon world, a utility wagon is a trusted companion on any job site.

Buying Guide: Portable Utility Wagons


Whatever model of portable utility wagons you are thinking of acquiring, do not forget to check its design first, even if it is only a vehicle for children. Choose the type that matches your obligations.

Several wagons are presented with a simple style and without originality. Others are more modern and some benefit from a foldable configuration. Indeed, it takes you a little time to compare the commercially available models. At the end of the comparison, you will be able to choose a model that is solid and resistant to the expected uses.


The landing gear system is an important part of the car. The assembly must be carried out meticulously for better traction of the vehicle and so that children can install themselves easily. Also, the connection of the metal components of the landing gear is made only with the nuts and bolts that are supplied with the carriage. This is required to ensure the safety of small passengers and for the proper functioning of the wagon.

Also observe the authorized load limit listed by the manufacturer. If some wagons can only support 69kg of cargo, others are able to accommodate twice the load.

The assembly of plastic cars is not at all complicated, and they will be much more practical for you who do tinker that rarely. Among them, there are some that have doors to simplify access and exit. The only drawback is that they are rather intended for light tasks.

The structure

The platform and the sides constitute the main frame of the wagon. These two elements are essential and must be made of steel or at least wood for the solidity of the whole. Other cars are also presented with side panels which can be folded down on the sides.

Some wagons with metal frames are also offered with all-terrain wheels to facilitate access on uneven terrain. As for the metallic wagons with folding chassis, the manufacturer always endows them with walls in durable textile

The handle

The handles are often made of plastic or wood, and are designed so that they can be folded up under the wagon during storage. Other than that, the normal length of the handles should match the size of each; a short handle can quickly overwhelm tall people. It is therefore advisable for buyers to choose long-handled wagons even if they cannot reach the narrowest corners. Moreover, the interest of short handle wagons is their ability to easily service fair passages.

Regardless of all this, you must above all check whether the handles are well connected to the axle rather than to the frame of the wagon. This configuration allows a much more flexible driving.

Why should you invest in a portable utility wagons?

Indeed, many people can benefit enormously from the use of these all-terrain wagons in their respective jobs. If you lead, for example, a sports team, the wagon would be a good option for getting things from the locker room to the training ground. Also, people who catch fish, by trade or pleasure, can take advantage of this for the transport of fishing gear. And, the people in charge of gardening will also take advantage of these all-terrain cars for the transportation of their gardening accessories.

Are you thinking of carrying out rehabilitation works or are you currently in a housing renovation project? The all-terrain wagons will be more practical for transporting your electrical tools and that of other accessories, namely paint cans, carpentry supplies, etc. And, if you have a pet, the wagon can also use bedding for the latter.