Ok, time to pimp your wagon out! Let’s get started by taking a look at the most popular accessories for your wagon:

  • Sun Shade – a must have for toddlers, there are full canopy options and quick-clip umbrellas
  • Cushions – if the beach towel isn’t cutting it, there are a few after-market suppliers of thick wagon cushions. Look for the ones that have a zippered side so you can pull out the foam and wash. Otherwise, the cushions need to be the kind you can just hose down after.
  • Ice Chest Carrier – a really cool addition, they can also double as extra storage. Full size and 6-pack cooler racks are available.
  • Cup Holders – Molded in to most of the plastic wagons, there are also clip-on styles available.
  • Seat Belts – Not really for safety, more to keep Johnny in his seat. Curse the day they learn how to unclick out of it!