Wood wagon for kids come in all shapes and sizes, with different sides and wheels available. The side rails are usually removable on the wood wagons which helps when hauling larger loads. The Amish wagons are built well and give the imports a run for their money.


  • Versatility – with the stake-sides that are usually removable, it can convert and adapt quickly to the chore at hand
  • More Space – wood beds don’t have the rounded-off the corners like the metal beds. Square corners = more space


  • Longevity – The thin coat of varnish on some models wears off quickly if you leave it outside
  • Strength – the bottom floor of the wood bed is a bit thin on some wagons so test before you trust it to really heavy loads…kids ok, but Daddy (or a 200 pound palm tree from the nursery) maybe not.

What to look for in a Wood Wagon for Kids

Find a wood wagon For kids with removable sides and the tires you need for the job. Kids? go with air tires and tall sides. Cargo? solid tires are fine.

The Bottom Line

We love the extra space on our Radio Flyer wood wagon. It doubles as a toy box in the garage when not seeing action, but it’s also a great all-around family wagon that we can take to the beach, to the swap meet, camping and selling girl scout cookies. We also like the Berlin and Speedway wagons.